TGW Quickscan

In the development of organisations, it is important to ensure that proposed interventions reflect what is actually going on in the organisation. The Good Worker Quickscan maps the current state of affairs within the organisation based on discussions with employees.

Organisational bodyscan

With the Quickscan we bring to light the insights that are currently present within the organisation. In order to do this we investigate the perceptions of individual professionals and we report these in relationship to each other and against the background of the organisation as a whole. The result is an organisational bodyscan which can function as a qualitative baseline measurement of the organisation.

"Bringing to light the insights that are present within the organisation"

The key to performing the Quickscan is the client's research question. A simple question is mostly sufficient, such as: 'in the opinion of those involved, what is the situation with regard to a particular theme?' The research can focus on the organisation as a whole, or on a centre or division. We can also perform a Quickscan in relation to a specific subject, such as ICT. For example, with the aim of identifying the needs behind changes to ICT; not in terms of requirements and use cases, but taking as our starting point the needs of the primary process.

Thorough and methodical

In performing the Good Worker Quickscan, we make use of qualitative research methods (see this chapter by Myra van Zwieten, PhD, in the Dutch Handbook Qualitative Health Research, 2007). Among other things this means that we collect and analyse the research data meticulously. By emphasising that the focus of our interest is on the personal perception of employees, and that no good or bad answers are, therefore, possible, employees do not experience The Good Worker Quickscan as intrusive or stressful, but rather as safe and (highly) enjoyable. This appendix (in Dutch) covering a Quickscan that we recently carried out describes our working methods in more detail.

Open, non-judgemental

With the methodology that we use and our open communication about this we are very visible to the work floor during the Quickscan. This transparency in itself leads to a certain feeling of involvement among employees.

"Objectivity: to get the subject of the research to speak without distorting what they say"

In addition, our approach during the research is open and non-judgemental. We record, analyse and interpret, but we do that as objectively as possible, that is to say: getting the subject of the research to speak without distorting what they say. This method of quality assurance is described (in Dutch) in the article 'Assessing qualitative research'.

Easy to read

In the Quickscan, we link the goals of senior management with those of the work floor and supporting divisions. Based on our background in journalism, we draw up the report in concrete and understandable terms. Where possible we illustrate the text with – anonymous – quotes. The Good Worker Quickscan does not result in a lengthy abstract report, but in an accessible document that is easy to read which – naturally in consultation with the client – can be read by all employees.

Focus on solutions

In our analysis, we allow ourselves to be led to a significant extent by the search for concrete practical pointers for support (by The Good Worker or some other party). Due to the nature of the research, the recommendations that we make on the basis of our findings enjoy the support of the work floor. This is an important aim of the Good Worker Quickscan: ensuring that further decision-making about organisational development occurs within frameworks that enjoy widespread support.


Are you interested in a Quickscan performed by The Good Worker? You might wish to engage our services in the interests of:

  • Certification
  • Safety & supervision
  • Mergers & Reorganisations
  • ICT-implementation
  • Organisational culture & ethics
  • Teambuilding
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction

Our costs are predictable and we budget tightly on the basis of a previously established one-off or periodic flat fee. Interim evaluation, based on agreed targets, keeps our work transparent. Are you interested? If so, then call us or email us for an exploratory meeting. We will be pleased to talk about what The Good Worker can achieve for your organisation.